Services at St Mary's

Tuesday - Friday
9.00 - 9.30am
Morning Prayer in the Lady Chapel

11.00 Said Service of Holy Communion

Sunday Morning
8.30am - 9.30am ‘Kid’s Klub’ (For children and families - Breakfast and a short service)
10.00am - Holy Communion (with a crèche for under 4’s)(Last Sunday of the month Family Service, Baptism Service)

Sunday Evening
Last Sunday of each month - 6.00pm Healing Holy Communion
Rev Helen Johnson, who is to be our new Priest-in-Charge, will be licensed on Monday 17th October. We look very forward to her joining us.

This time in the Church of England is called Ordinary Time ..

and sometimes it feels very ordinary, there are few special things to celebrate – unlike Christmas and Easter which are such wonderful times when we celebrate the birth of Jesus and his resurrection - or times to help us to approach our own lives differently or to reflect on how we behave and our own choices – like Lent and Advent offer us as focus, or Epiphany when we think of the arrival of the Wise Men and their gifts to Jesus and the significance of that. No, apart from celebrating Harvest and our very special Patronal Festival there is very little and sometimes it can feel ordinary! This year Ordinary Time lasts for twenty two weeks and now we are at week twenty one I, for one, am ready to move on.

How lovely that just when the year seems at its bleakest and most ordinary we have such a special event as an opportunity to celebrate. We have the Licensing on Monday evening of our new Priest-in-Charge, Rev Helen Johnson. Her coming will mark a new stage in the life of St Mary’s and an opportunity to look anew at all that we do with Helen and to see where there are gaps and new things we might offer within this lovely community of Shirehampton.

It has been a long wait but now the time is at hand and we look forward to sharing in ministry with her and to welcoming her husband Chris and children, William and Emily to be a part of our church family.

Watch out for Helen and welcome her to this special village.

Take care

Gill Sawyer

Lay Minister