St Mary's Church Shirehampton

Services at St Mary's
Tuesday - Friday mornings 9.00 - 9.30am
Morning Prayer in the Lady Chapel

Thursday morning 11.00 Said Service of Holy Communion

Sunday morning
8.30am - 9.30am  ‘Kid’s Klub’ (For children and families - Breakfast and a short service)
10.00am - Holy Communion (with a crèche for under 4’s)(Last Sunday of the month Family Service, Baptism Service)

Sunday evening services: Last Sunday of each month - 6.00pm Healing Holy Communion


This year's Harvest Appeal is for the Rainbow Centre fopr Children in Bristol. During September we shall be raising funds. Do support this.

St Marys Blog

Technically, St Mary’s Church is now in a period of vacancy.

A vacancy occurs when the priest-in-charge of a parish leaves the parish and it lasts until a new priest-in-charge is appointed and installed by the Archdeacon. Archdeacon Christine explained the process we must now follow to the PCC on July 13th. You can follow our progress on the notice board at the back of Church. George Rendell, the diocesan ‘Transition Manager’ will assist us through the process.
Technically, our Churchwardens (Julie and Roger) and the Area Dean (Mark Pilgrim) are responsible for all of the affairs of the parish during the vacancy. In practice, little will change as our ministry team remains in place; so Gill Sawyer, and Rev Dr Ian Bailey will take most of the services, with regular appearances from Rev Trevor Hearn, Rev Canon Gill Behenna and Rev Graham Reaper-Brown.
Feel free to talk to members of the PCC about the kind of person you would like to see as the next priest-in-charge. They will ensure your views are heard by those making the appointment decision.
You will notice an extra candle on the altar which we will light during our Holy Communion services. This is to symbolise our prayer that God will awaken the desire to minister here in the person right for us and grant wisdom to those choosing our next priest-in-charge.
The Leadership Team and PCC have been working hard to discern what they would like St Mary’s to be like in the future. They want the church to be active, accessible and attractive as Church for everyone. On September 20th in place of the sermon at 10am, we will be presenting our Vision for St Mary’s and seeking your feedback. We especially look forward to seeing you then.
Meantime, enjoy the rest of the Summer!
Rev Dr. Ian Bailey
Associate Minister